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So I’ve recently been having a flirt up with a dude from POF and he told me he used to be a porn star. Am I weird that this didn’t shock me? It actually excites me a little bit as he’s had a lot of practice and is probably quite good! 

He told me it puts other women off? Why? I don’t find it intimidating at all.I know I’m good at sex. So what’s the issue?  We’ve all had sex. So what if he’s had a lot of it. Some of the horrors I’ve been with I wished I had charged them!…ok that sounded a lot less prostitutey in my head. 

I asked a few male friends about this and they all said they wouldn’t date an ex pornstar. X said that he was worried what he would tell his mum. But if he liked her then surely his mum shouldn’t judge? I can’t figure out where X’s boundaries are? Porn stars, lap dancers and sex bloggers aren’t ok to date but just to fuck? Ok that’s another story…..

X porn star dude…let’s call him X Rated, told me he just did porn because he wanted to get money to  build a dog sanctuary. He was only doing doggy for the doggies! That kinda made my heart melt. 

Porn and stuff has never been an issue for me. I enjoy it. Ron Jeremy even follows me on Twitter! I’d ride that cuddly walrus like sea biscuit given half the chance! He even once sent me a birthday DM. Maybe he was subtly recruiting and I missed my chance? Oh man alive…that would have been amazing! 

I just think people should be less Judgmental about people’s backgrounds. So he made some dough from getting a blow? There’s a lot worse ways to earn a living!


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