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So my rumble with Mr Bumble was a one off. TBH I think I was horny and needed some sex. He was a nice guy but he just wasn’t enough for me. Ok for a night but not long term. The fumble was fun but he was one of those guys that are better at foreplay and you know me I kinda need the whole shebang! I come for the support act and the main show I don’t want to switch off for the encore. 

I also think when you’ve done the whole ‘this was a one off’ messaging thing it’s kinda awkward when they view you on pof and snapchat. You know what I look like Bumble! You spent an evening inside of me! Just swipe left and move on with your life.

Talking about moving on I’ve decided that it’s so much better to only message for a few days and then meet. It means you don’t get attached. I had a 4 day turnaround with Bumble so didn’t feel anything for him and now it’s over it’s completely cool. 

I do feel as though I’m becoming more emotionally detached from dates and from myself as I continue to do this. Is that a good thing? It protects me from getting hurt but maybe I’m making shitty decisions because I’m having sex without any feelings? 

Back in the old days it would take me ages to get over things when they didn’t work out but since Mr Wright (when I did feel a bit broken but mainly relief) I’ve closed my feelings off more and more. 

All in all this has turned me into a cold hearted bitch! Good luck date #10! 


5 thoughts on “Detachment. 

  1. You need a chivalrous gentleman who wants to take you out on a date and buy you things…and then walk you to your door, kiss you on the cheek goodnight and ask to see you again! These kinds of men exist! Don’t let your heart get cold girl! 😊

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