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Date #9

So last night I had my first Bumble date which was pretty good going considering I only joined on Wednesday! How I’ve changed since those days of messaging for 3 months first eh? 

Mr Bumble (yes I’m calling him that…bite me…or sting me…) was cute, funny, sexy and charming. 

We went to the cinema. Which I’ve always said is a shitty first date but now I’ve changed my mind! When I say I watched about 3 whole minutes of the film, got to third base and then we left early you can kind of see why the cinema is now my fave date place ever! After all the Blair Witch and blow jobs we went back to his and…well you know…suffice to say Mr Bumble got some honey and knows his way around the hive! 

So what happens next? As you know I have zero expectations so we shall see. 

It’s funny to think at the start of the week I was going on a date with Ringo who I will never talk to again and ended up having a very sufficient fumble with Mr Bumble…the turn around is so crazy with online dating! 


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