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Busy little Bumble Bee

So I was chatting to a hottie on bumble last night and he said that he had been on there for a few weeks, gotten lots of matches but I was the only woman who had the balls to message him and I’ve only been on there a couple of days! If I’m going to do this then I’m actually going to do it properly, be brave and suck it up and send the first message. 

I restarted my tinder the exact same day I joined bumble and the stats are quite interesting: 


Matches: 29

Messages sent by me: 12

Replies: 11


Matches: 45

Messages sent by me: 0

Messages sent by them: 8

Replies: 7 

I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this but I think bumble has replaced tinder as my new fave app. I’ve had more messages, the guys are hotter on there and I’ve even scored two numbers and a snapchat. 

Women need to have more confidence in sending that first message. I get that it’s awkward and cringy but if they never try then they will never know. 

So come on girls! We do run this mother after all…


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