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Double standards.

Last night I wrote a little update blog on why I decided not to go out with Ringo…here’s the details…

We were having a conversation about romance and I said that recently I wasn’t used to it what with Wright, Aled, James and X, suddenly he turned all weird and called me a slag thinking that I had slept with these guys back to back. I tried to explain that I had only slept with two of them and fooled around with the others over the space of a few months but then I realised I’m a 31 year old single woman and I shouldn’t give a fuck what a grade A douchebag off tinder thinks about me! 

His double standards are ridiculous! He sends me a picture of his penis (out of the blue!) and I should pretend I’m a virgin? He then says something about it not being appealing…well neither was him telling me he was wanking at every given opportunity! 

It’s not like he doesn’t know who I am or what I’m like. He’s read this blog. When he messaged me again one of the first questions he asks what’s how’s X? And then he gets weird about me having sex outside of being in a relationship…I literally have no words! Well no words that don’t include shitbag! He said that he messaged me again as he saw me as a friend, at the time I didnt have the heart to tell him that I thought that was totally weird! But if that’s true you shouldn’t judge your friends should you? 

I feel that I have had a lucky escape. I knew I was right about my initial feelings towards him. If anything recent months has taught me is don’t look back because it’s not worth it. 

Sorry if this blog has been a bit rantypants but even after all this time some people still suprise me. I’ve guess I’ve just got to get my head round the fact that if they act like a dick, show you their dick, they’re most probably a total dick! 


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