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A little update. 

So I’ve cancelled both my dates this week. I had to be honest with Ringo and tell him that even though he might be amazing in real life all I had to go off was whatsapp and I didn’t like him on there. He just constantly acted like a douche! I don’t even think he realised what he was doing which made it worse. I don’t have any time for that shit. 

Wheels is another story, he’s never been a douche but the messaging has just fizzled out. I can’t be bothered to go out with someone that I don’t fancy and I’m not feeling 100% about. 

In other news I was on bumble for an hour and scored one phone number and quite a few matches. Maybe I’m not so sucky at opening messages! 

I also deleted my old tinder account and restarted it. Feels so weird to be on 20 matches and not 1000! I wasn’t talking to anyone on there so thought that a change was good and might give me an opportunity to swipe all those hotties my clumsy sausage fingers accidentally said no to! 

So that’s what’s going on with me….Onwards and upwards! 


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