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Time to make the first move

So I’m not getting any feelings of excitement at the prospect of going out with either Wheels (friendzone) or Ringo (he’s back to being an annoying twat!) so I’ve decided to up my swipe game and get back on the apps. 

I’ve downloaded Bumble, if any of you are lucky enough not to have to do this whole online dating shit thing it’s an app where the woman has to message first. In all the time I’ve done this and the thousands of messages later I think I have messaged first a grand total of 5 times. It may sound old fashioned and it’s just my opinion but I like the man to make the first move. 

I think I’m a pretty good conversationalist, I mean the Doctor professed his love for me based off texting but I still find the prospect of sending an opening message daunting! It’s not the fear of rejection, I can’t complain about that with all the messages I have ignored it’s just I know I’m a bit of a twat and will probably send stuff like ‘fuck me youre hot’ or ‘ooh you have a nice beard’ I’ve written blogs about opening messages and have even screen shotted and tweeted the best/worst ones and now the shoe is on the other foot.

There seems to be quite a few hot guys on there so I’m going to give it a go. Wish me luck!….oh fuck I’m totally going to end up on bumble fails aren’t I? 


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