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Wheels in motion 

So I spoke to Wheels on the phone last night which was erm….interesting! I always think a phone call is good before a date because you can gage whether or not you click. 

Wheels is a really really nice guy and is decent and funny but…I don’t know. He’s not like any of my friends or people that I’ve dated. That’s probably a good thing but on the other hand after speaking to him for 3 hours I know I don’t want to sleep with him! Before he had an air of mystery and danger and the fact he is such a free spirit made him sexy as fuck but now I know him better he just isn’t how I had built him up in my head. 

We’ve arranged to go out for a drink next week. Definitely not a date. I’m not going to shave my legs or wear my best outfit because I just don’t fancy him. He’s sooooo nice though I guess I don’t want the three weeks we’ve spent talking to go to waste and I think we would have fun on a purely patonic basis. Is it worth going? I don’t know. I guess I didn’t go online dating to find a friend.

On the upside I will have managed to stay out of mischief for two whole weeks as I’ve got more chance of hooking up with Tom Hardy than I have wheels! Off to the nunnery I go! 


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