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Strong independent woman 

So I’ve gone three whole days without X and my mischief level has been zero…see I can do this! I feel like Erin Brockovich! 

I’ve been hit on by an old school friend, I’m still chatting to Wheels and exchanged a few messages with a few randoms. But my knickers have stayed on! 

I do miss my beloved though. We hooked up before he went and I had forgotten that he has magic hands. We haven’t hooked up since June and I was still doing whatever the fuck that was (a mistake!) with Mr Wright. Orgasms aside I just miss my best friend. its been weird not seeing him everyday and not having hugs…see I’m more than just sex. 

I do want to go for a drink with Wheels but some of his attributes remind me of Mr Wright and I will never put up with that shit again. I want to give him a chance though as he seems like such a decent guy. I’m hoping that even though he seems to have the same issues, he handles them differently. 

Any way I’ve got 11 days left of making my own decisions….adulting sucks! 


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