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So my beloved X is leaving me to go on holiday and I’m bereft. He has left me with one piece of advice ‘don’t get into mischief’…me?! Mischief?! Never! 

I’m not sure what I’m going to do without him, he’s always the person who I go to when things go right/wrong. He’s been there for every tear, rage, smile and orgasm.  He’s been there during a few orgasms as well… Meaning he’s made me cum not he was in a corner watching me….how creepy would that be?!

Aaaannnnyyyywwwwaaaayyyy…hegives really good advice and isn’t afraid to say I told you so. Which annoys me at the time but I need to hear it. Do I always listen? Of course not! Do I wish I had? Yes…most of the time. 

I’ve never really had a friend like him. My best friends live far away and are married with children so it’s nice to have someone day to day to put me on the straight and narrow. 

I think I ll give dating a break when X is gone. I’m a bit wild without him and if it all goes right/ wrong I ll have no one to hug! I’m only talking to one person so it should be easy. 

Oh man it’s going to be a long two weeks….!


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