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Oops I did it again! 

So apparently I’m not so good at changing! I was all set to go along with my cosmic ordering and do this shit properly but then I got talking to Wheels! 

He doesn’t have any of the attributes I wrote on my list (see previous blog) he doesn’t even have a beard! Hes is shorter than me and he smokes a lot of green…but he’s still uber hot. He’s got that dishevelled thing going on. He sent me a picture of him in an old denim jacket and it had an affect on me or my vagina! So yes we started sexting basically all day and it ended up with a mutual whatsapp wank. I know I said no more bad boys and druggies. It’s been a year since I found that attractive but that denim jacket though! 

What do I do now? Sack it off?  as it probably would only ever be casual sex. Even though it would probably be good sex but the way it’s started I don’t see him as a long term guy. Maybe we just got horny and carried away and it’s wrong to write him off so quickly? I haven’t had sex in two weeks and I haven’t had good sex in a lot longer. Should I go out with him and just see? Ahh it’s so complicated! 

I’m only sure of one thing at the moment the lady boner is raging! And if I don’t have sex/ find the man of my dreams soon Duracell will be going out of business 


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