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Like totally cosmic dude….

So I’m going to revisit cosmic ordering. It may have gone hideously wrong the first time but I don’t give up that easily!

So here’s my list: let’s start with the superficial…

He’s gotta have a Beard! Come on I’m allowed that right? Considering I’m not fussed with musicians anymore as it gets super cringe when you have to pretend to like the song they wrote for you I’m still holding out for a beard. 

Skinny and Tall. Never been a fan of muscles unless it’s on The Rock and I have a weird thing for Sylvester Stallone but other than that I like super lean. And obviously tall, I’m 5’8 and don’t wanna be hooking up with no borrowers!

I think that’s all superficial wise. Ooh I’m less shallow than I thought! 

Before I start the personality traits I’ve got to mention that they need to be Local. I’ve tried long distance and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried kinda long distance… Mr Wright lived 40 mins away and bitched constantly about it (well he bitched constantly about everything!) even though he drove he still made it into an issue so I’m gonna need someone local and someone who’s not a bitch apparently! 

Ok moving on…I want them to be warm and kind. No more bad boys/ drug dealers/ homeless/ jobless upstanding members of the community for me! I don’t want another date that ends in a police raid…yes that actually happened! So nice men only please! 

Open. Come on lads talk about your feelings! I’m a bit of a closed book so the only way for you to get me to open up is for you to.

Adventurous. In the bedroom and road trips and shit. 

Straight talking. I like brutal honesty. I will be hitting them with truth bombs so I hope they would hit me back. 

The last one is odd for me to write as I’ve basically fucked around for the past year but committed: I’m over casual sex so I guess I’m going to need them to be! It will be weird getting back into that mind set again, gone are the days when I was only “seeing” Mr Wright so could still blow X when I wanted to. I do like commitment though. I love having that one person. I think that one person is going to have to be amazing to get me to do it though. 

So there’s my list. Come on universe come all over me! That’s the phrase right?!


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