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No sex please. 

The chances of me having sex at the moment are pretty much zero as I’m not speaking to anyone but I’ve decided that I’m going to re introduce my one month rule once the drought is over. 
I was speaking to my beloved X and he said that he would never seriously date a girl who gave it up on the first date. Looking back over the dates I’ve had At least half of them I’ve either sucked or fucked on the first date. 
X raised a very good point that he looks at dates long term. I’ve never done this. I always just live in the moment and if there’s the opportunity to get laid (oh god I sound like an 18 year old boy!) then I would just go for it. 
The problem is I have no self control and an incredibly high sex drive which is a great combination now I’m off to join the nunnery! I know what I’m like, a kiss will lead to a spooning and a spooning will lead to a forking! Maybe I should just remember the worst kiss I’ve had to try and turn me off. Sorry Aled Jones! He was so intense which I enjoyed but then he opened his mouth so wide it was like he was trying to swallow my head! 

I think I’m just going to go for the lean in and a chaste hug and then run away before my urges take over. Maybe just brush my lips on their cheek…casually lick…..oh for fuck sake this is going to be hard isn’t it? 


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