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The end. 

I always thought this would be the hardest blog I wound have to write but it’s actually the best one…it’s not going to be funny or full of penis puns but it’s the most important as it’s such a turning point for me. 

So it’s been a week since kermie and I fucked. Actually lets stop calling him kermie as he hasn’t been that to me in a year and will never be again. 

I thought James came back into my life for a reason and he did it just wasn’t the reason I first thought. All the signs I had where I kept seeing him wasn’t to rekindle things it was to remind me of who he is. I had glossed over all his bad points which all came flooding back to me before and after we had sex. I think i always felt guilty for dumping him so he was always in the back of my mind and I just forgot he was cold, cruel and he’s so full of shit and bravado. Just because he has a pretty face he has an incredibly ugly heart…if he even has one! The sex wasn’t even good this time round. Literally felt nothing. 

Since I decided that Im done with casual sex I think I was reminded of the last person I was in a relationship with and thought I was happy and I just got caught up in the whirlwind. But now I’ve had time to think and see who he is im glad this has happened because I can move on from him knowing exactly who he is now. Knowing that his circumstances have changed but he isn’t capable of it. 

I feel so free. This will now be a James free blog and a James free me and I’m so happy about it. 


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