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The morning after. 

I need to write more about last night or my head will explode. 

I literally got everything I wanted for the past year. Shit like that never happens to me my head is literally fucked. 

I’ve spent almost a year not letting myself think about this guy because it hurts too much and now I’ve thought about him, spoken to him, seen him and slept with him all in the space of two days! We always were all or nothing but this is still a lot to digest. I never thought I would see him or get to be with him again. Seeing his name pop up on my whatsapp gave me heart palpitations! I need to just breathe, relax and try to be chilled. I haven’t eaten or slept in two days because the anxiety is real. 

If last night was bonus night then at least it ended better than last time if not last night was day 1. Clean slate. 

At least the initial awkwardness is over and we’ve gotten over that hump….we literally humped our way over it. 

Right now I’ve got to start walking straight, catch some Zzzzzs and switch off before my brain is in a million pieces! 


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