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If you never try you never know. 

I can’t actually believe I’m writing this right now…actually I can’t believe where I’m writing this from…Kermies bed! He’s asleep. Yes I’m as surprised about it as you all are. Almost a year to the day of our first date and shitloads of history later here we are! 

Let me explain how this happened.  Cosmic ordering works!  I got my man with a beard…Erm no but it’s kinda strange. I don’t let myself think about kermie, it hurts too much (see previous blogs)  He’s the only guy who I’ve ever had actual feelings for from online, but the other night I had a dream about him, then I was casually swiping on tinder and bam his face appears! After this I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Me being a swiping whore I also then saw him on pof…I think the universe was trying to tell me something after literally almost a year without seeing his face then seeing it loads within the space of a few weeks so I messaged him, I was fully expecting him to tell me to fuck off but he replied! Pof turned into whatsapp, turned into voice notes, turned into a 2 hour phone call, turned into this. 

Meeting up was probably the most awkward moment of my life. I’ve literally been sick three times today but after a few drinks we loosened up and we ended back up at his. 

I don’t know what’s going to happen going forward …maybe this was just bonus night? I hope it wasn’t. I’ve had another taste of that penis I can’t believe I’d forgotten about how amazing it was. Actually it’s so amazing I’m going to stop typing and get back on it! 

I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow morning…..worth it! 


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