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Midnight madness. 

Date #8 with Aled Jones. 

So last night I did something super spontaneous, I spoke to Aled on the phone, two hours later he was at my front door.  16 hours later I’m home. 

So let me explain. This was our first actual phone call, we’ve been texting non stop but one of my stipulations for a date is that we speak on the phone first. I think that gives you more of an idea of how they are going to be. Anyway we were joking around and said about meeting up, I was telling him how I don’t allow tinderfellas to my house on a first date so if he came down we could go for a drive. Baring in mind it was midnight we decided to just do it. We got about 10 minutes into the drive before he pulled over and kissed me. It was one of those kisses that was electric and we both wanted to rip each other’s clothes off. We then went back to his and spent the entire time making out. We didn’t have sex, Mother Nature is getting a very lengthy email about how she completely cockblocked me with deciding to give me my period. The bitch! But if he fucks like he kisses…..jeeeez! 

Will I see him again? We have something planned for next week when the red wedding is over. All could change but we ll see. 

I think spontaneous dates are so the way forward. Usually I spend a month talking to the guy, with Aled it was a week. Meeting up on a whim is good. Even though I had no time to plan my outfit there was also no time to overthink and get nervous, even though as dates go on I don’t really feel nerves anymore. 

If nothing comes of it I spent my weekend hanging out with a hot and hilariously funny guy. So I’m happy with that. 


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