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Me Me Me

After two months of being stuck in something that was all about him I’m going to focus on getting what I want. 

I want to take little parts of each experience that I’ve had ( I mean big parts, kermies penis! Jeez I miss that thing!) Focus on that. 

I want the amazing sexual chemistry I had with Wright. That type where you literally can’t keep your hands off each other. You spend the whole evening having sex and the next morning too. I need that. As I’ve been on more dates and met more people my sex drive has just gone crazy. 

I want someone who is confident and knows what he wants. Kermie could be an arrogant prick but I kinda found the fact that he was like that sexy. At least there was no dramas and constant crisis of confidence.  

I want to go on proper dates and adventures. I’ve spent the last two months held up in my flat, yes we were having amazing sex but I also felt like I couldn’t breathe! I don’t need to go on extravagant or expensive dates it’s not about that, a walk in the woods would suit me as much as dinner at The Ivy…also I like outdoor sex so the chance of you getting…ahem…wood…in the woods is high! 

I also want someone that is nice. I’ve always fought against nice guys and have just gone for bastards. (See recent/all posts) I’ve even turned guys down thinking they were too nice! I’m shooting myself now, nice guys do not finish last…if you’re super nice I promise I won’t let you finish last. 

Maybe I should do that cosmic ordering thing and write this shit down and stick it on my fridge? My own little man mantra. After almost two years of on and off online dating I’m willing to try anything. 


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