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It’s all Wright. 

So I’m still casually fucking / going out with / dating/ seeing Mr Wright. It’s been a few weeks now and I guess I’ve never gotten this far without some kind of confirmation of where it’s going and you know what? It’s liberating! Why can’t it just be about sex and nothing else? Why do we have to label it? Literally the only expectation I have of him is to give me multiple orgasms and he lives up to that every time! 

He’s not ready for anything serious and neither am I. So I get to keep my barriers up and only get hurt when I tell him to smack me across the face. ( I’m kinky as fuck…bite me! Please bite me!) surely that’s win win? 

I don’t feel as if it’s another fuck buddy situation either, Mr Wright and I aren’t buddies. With X he’s my friend first who makes me cum after with Mr Wright he’s only ever made me cum first. We’ve never exactly hung out without doing that. 

I also like the fact he doesn’t live in my home town. This way it doesn’t get boring and mundane. We do our own thing and appreciate the time we have together. 

So this is the first time I’m ever going to say this but there is definitely something to be said about having no labels. (This applies to sex and not clothes by the way! Polyester brings me out in a rash!) 


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