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Mr (W) Right? 

Last night Mr Wright read this blog back to me, it was so interesting to see how much I’ve changed but it was even more interesting to hear his reactions to it! 

Let me explain about Mr Wright. Sweet as fuck, I mean he once played me Ben Howard on his guitar to cheer me up…..that literally made me melt! I had my reservations at first because he’s very shy but recently he’s been coming out of his shell and I’ve got to see his personality and I like it! There’s deffo more to him than a beard and a guitar. 

He knew about this blog from our intial POF exchanges and we’ve been getting on so well that I linked him to it he was the person I was most worried about reading it because he seems so sweet and innocent, I mean there’s not been much flirting and there’s deffo no chance of a dick pic which at first made me think he was boring but then I realised that I’ve become so used to random online dick that it’s does not make someone boring just because he doesn’t want to show me his genitals it makes them normal! 

I didn’t think that he would judge me from reading it but I didn’t want him to think less of me I suppose but he took it so well asked all of the right questions and laughed in all of the right places! I definitely want to go on a date with him did I mention he wrote me song? Yes he WROTE ME A SONG!…I ll go get my umbrella because the forcast is WET! That’s literally the quickest way to turn me on! So any dude that does that is totally worth meeting. 


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