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Mr Probably not Right. 

I haven’t blogged in so long I thought I would be a spam bot today and hit you with two! Lucky you! 

So you’ve all read about Mr Wright well I’ve also been speaking to literally his polar opposite in the form of Ringo. 

Where shall I start? Needless to say he has a beard and plays the guitar right? You all know the drill by now! He’s hotter than the sun but knows he’s hot, which makes him less hot to me as I find there’s nothing hotter than a super hottie not knowing how hot they really are (try saying that drunk!) 

Yes we’ve sexted and I’ve seen his genitals and yes he’s been blessed with a massive dick but this apparently also gives him license to act like one. Here’s the catch, this dude INFURIATES me! I’ve never argued with someone so much who I’ve never met. I think we would have the most passionate, crazy, angry sex of all time! If only he would stop being a douche because that makes me act like a douche and I can be a super douche when I want to be. I get tiny glimpses of him being nice and I like that side to him. He might be the only guy ever who I want to suck and sucker punch at the same time! 

I don’t know if a date is actually on the horizon or we ll just get so pissed of with each other they only place this is going to go is blockedsville. I hope he’s not one of these pretty face/ ugly personality guys. 

I’ve just realised I’ve become as annoying as Bella from Twilight! ‘Ooh which one of these super hot guys should I chose?’ It’s such a hard life Tanya! 

(FYI I would have totally gone for Edward. I like biting! Although him turning all sparkly may have upstaged me a little and I ain’t got no time for that!) 


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