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Love me, love my blog. 

Question of the day: Do other people who write sex/dating blogs tell potential dates about it?

In the past I always said that I’m a sales assistant who dicks about trying to be funny by doing some writing, when they have asked what I write I tell them it’s a blog and when they ask me to link them up I do. Yesterday was different though, I got talking to a nice lad from pof and when he asked for a link I automatically said no. I’m not sure what happened, 90% of the guys I’ve told about it have liked it but then we have the other 10% who use it against me and threaten to sue me because of it. I just didn’t want to give myself up fully to this guy, I stand by everything that I’ve written and think it’s fair but it’s also brutally honest. Do I really need strangers (who eventually might not be) to essentially read my diary? I’m not one to judge unless you want me to fuck you with a dildo but would I like to read about a potential suitor who has one night stands and a fuck buddy? Nah probably not!

I think from now on I just won’t mention it and if they Google me (yes I mean you, Liam!) they can find it out for themselves. I’m hoping that my views don’t dramatically drop though? Fuck what if half of them are just guys who I’ve swiped…erm yeah let’s not think about that! 


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