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Mine craft. 

So I swerved the date with Liam there wasn’t any point because I wasn’t feeling him and it would have been impossible because he told me he ‘found’ this blog! Found?!?! You mean you used my whatsapp name and Columboed the fuck out of me. I stand by everything I’ve written though, being brutally honest isn’t for everyone. 

This is the only time in forever when I’ve only been speaking to one other person and a date isn’t viable at the moment as our work schedules clash. He does seem fun though, he wants me to dominate him, with my personality I think I might be able to manage that. 

So basically it’s back to the drawing board. I’m sick to death of the drawing board. If I get past the swiping stage and on to the giving him my number stage that’s where the games really begin. It’s such a minefield I’m surprised I’ve got all my limbs left! The whole not texting back straight away so I don’t look like a keeno, pretending that I’m not that into them….so I don’t look like a keeno, basically saying the complete opposite to how I feel oh and then there’s the selfies 375 to get the perfect one then settling on the first one I took and the fact that I that theyve also got to be able to carry a decent conversation. Oh the joys! 

I think it’s time for another hiatus! Maybe I can last more than 17 days this time.
Probably not. 


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