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Bye bye Beardy. 

So a few blogs ago I wrote about how I was going to stop hooking up with X…well that has lasted, for a whole week and a bit! 

I could come up with a list of 101 reasons why you shouldn’t fool around with your best friend but what about the the main reason of us both wanting to? It’s basically a business deal but we’re dealing in blow jobs! I was thinking about it too deeply before (insert your own deeply joke) we both know the score, it’s about having some fun until we find the one. 

Speaking of the one, or you know the lastest one, I’m meant to have my date with Liam on Tuesday but I’m still having major reservations! It’s literally like getting blood from a stone texting him, am I really going to go on a date with this guy because he has a good beard? Am I really that shallow? I asked him to call me tonight but I swerved it at the last minute, if texts are awkward I’m not sure if a phone conversation is the way forward? I’ve been on dates where I’ve literally had to speak at the guy for three hours. Can I really do it to myself again? Is it worth it? I don’t think that it is. I think I’m going to have to phase him out and make my excuses about Tuesday. I will miss his great beard I’m not going to lie but apparently I’m looking for more, who knew? Look at me growing up. 

DISCLAIMER: I’m in no way ditching beards completely, I couldn’t do that to myself. 


4 thoughts on “Bye bye Beardy. 

  1. I really hate dragging conversations out of people, especially on dates. I feel like if he’s unable to really be responsive or carry on a text conversation, he might be the same in person or over the phone. Sometimes though it might just boil down to the fact that he’s just horrible at texting. I know a few people who are like that too.

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