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So date #7 is coming fast, well not like that…yet. 

Liam ( I’m going to call him that because he’s got a whole Britpop vibe going on) is hot and plays the guitar but, and I’m not being mean when I say this, he’s also a little erm…bland. 

I’m going to go on the date because guitar but I’m really hoping he’s just shit on text otherwise I’m not going to be in for the most lively of nights. Don’t get me wrong he does make me smile but his flirt game is weak and I’ve got more chance of sexting Tom hardy! He said a picture of his chest was pushing it when I was (totally not!) joking around. I’m hoping he’s not a himbo who’s that hot he’s never had to work for it. He does seem really nice as well…but I’ve never really been into nice, actually I can see me eating him alive! 

I guess having an amazing connection over the phone isnt everything it’s cracked up to be, I’ve had some of the best conversations but when it comes to meeting them in real life they rarely live up to expectations. 

So Liam, you’re up….some might say 7th times a charm right?….RIGHT?!

(Bonus points if you got the Oasis reference there) 


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