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First date. 

I know all (one) of you are on tenterhooks to find out how my date with Mr JT went….well…it was a date of firsts, first time I just went back to someone’s house and didn’t have an actual date. First time a man has been able to distract me from triple helpings of Hardy and the first time I’ve erm….erm…you know, had sex on a first date. 

We’ve been talking for about 3 weeks and a date seemed kinda formal so we got some wine and went back to his we had Legend on and then later TDKR but we didn’t pay attention to either, not even Bane or the Krays could stop all the kissing. It was nice and chilled and comfortable there was no first date awkwardness at all and I know a lady never tells but I’m more Lady Chatterly so yes, we had sex. We did wait til the morning though so that makes it better right? 

Who knows what will happen? He’s a master fingerblaster and that penis though…. hello Justin Beaver! If we don’t meet again then least we had a good night and you can all look forward to my ‘Why you shouldn’t have sex on a first date’ blog coming soon! 


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