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Mr JT 

So I have my very first plenty of fish date coming up…yay! feels like forever since I had an actual date and not a casual hook up. 

JT seems normal which is rare nowadays, no sign of a wife or a child, doesn’t seem to be on anti depressants and isn’t threatening to sue me…. That’s a good start right?! 

We’ve been chatting for three weeks having a little flirt up and it’s been fun but you know what the craziest thing ever is? This will be the first date I’ve been on without seeing Jurassdick Pork first, i mean I may have seen a trailer but he’s kept the good stuff hidden and you know what? I respect him for that. And it only makes me want to see his triceracocks and have crazy T-sex more (is it obvious I’ve been watching Jurassic world?) 

I don’t ever write about dates beforehand because I don’t want to jinx them but clearly all my other dates have gone incredibly well so I’m mixing it up! I ll let you know what happens if it goes well or if I’m back to being a Velocifapper….sorry I really must stop watching that movie! 


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