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Top Blagger 

Card shop boy came in today and I went into full flirt mode! He was out of uniform and discussing his tshirt (this is obviously how he woos the ladies!) and I recognised it had the dog from Adventure Time on now I know nothing about that show other than what X has told me as he’s a fan but I pointed out Jake the dog and card shop boy looked super impressed! To be honest I had to bite my tongue so I didn’t say would you like to come on an adventure (time) in my pants but as I was at work it kinda killed my vibe anyway afterwards it made me think is it ok to blag a little to impress yo’ man? Or wanna be man…

Everybody ever has tried to be impressive at the start of something so I will admit that I have blagged it before. Take Lord Daniel for example, very posh hence the name, quite young, not massively my type but he piqued my interest on Blinq by being one of the funniest guys I’ve ever not met. One problem though was that he kept talking about sport I know nothing of the subject unless day dreaming of David Beckhams balls counts as one? I’m sure tea bagging is in the olympics right?! Anyway we were having another conversation about football or he was but this time I was with X and I asked him to shoot back some replies, the Lord was clearly super impressed but the problem was I had to keep going as he was getting excited and it got to the point where I couldn’t tell him I didn’t really know my off sides from my….erm….side order. It fizzled out after a while and we never met ironically though if we did and got on he would have discovered my ball skills lay elsewhere! 

I asked my boys who are in serious relationships and they both said they’ve never had to blag with their girls but they also didn’t meet them online. Surely a dating profile is a bit like a sexual CV? And obviously everyone bumps those up a little! 

Men obviously do this as well I remember when i first hung out with X and he told me how he was going to learn guitar and get a tattoo, obviously this was just said to try and drill me and you know what? It worked! A year later the wells been drilled and is flowing but the only ink that has been near him is a bic and the only thing he’s ever strummed is…well me but he knows his chords so I ll let him off! 

Don’t get me wrong I’m talking blagging here and not full on lying! Pretending to be a Tottenham supporter is one thing, pretending you don’t have tots and a wife to support is another. Blagging to impress is fine as long as you can also impress off the field. 

*DISCLAIMER: my ball skills are akin to Lionel Messi. (I hope he’s amazing by the way because I’m coming for you Google if he’s not!) 


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