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Werk werk werk werk werk 

In my job as a sales assistant I get to meet hundreds of guys a day, the place where I work is more hills have eyes than Hollywood but my top 3 regular customers are as follows:

EE Guy: Not my usual type is a lil chubby with a swoopy fringe but there’s some serious sexual chemistry every time he comes to my till! Today he wasn’t in his uniform and I noticed he had tattoos which obviously made me melt wondering if I can make a phone related joke to get him going…id like his hands to roam all over my data?! 

Card shop boy: Probs a little younger than me has tattoos and a beard I get the feeling he’s a little nerdy and probably games. Bet he wonders why my sister has has 5 birthdays in the last 5 months (just kidding! I’ve never been in his shop even though he’s two doors down from me) 

Leather jacket man: not a serious contender as he’s 72 but I love him! He has slicked back hair and wears an open shirt and a leather jacket, constantly calls me things like treacle and darling. He also runs a chat roulette style website so the old fella has still got it….if only I was 50 years older! 

I’m not sure meeting someone at work is genuinely an option? I mean I have a little flirty flirt with these guys but I have to wear a uniform that I can’t exactly pull off so can’t exactly expect anyone to want to pull it off me! Also what would my opening line be? Would you like a bag? No? How about a blow job? Least you won’t have to pay 5p for that! 

I guess I spend so much time there it’s looking more and more like an option and I’ve heard on the grapevine that leather jacket man runs bukkake parties! Could be fun….


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