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Sex blog she wrote 

I had lunch with X today and we were discussing my recent online crazies and he said I’m going to have to start sluething them to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Great so now to get lai….a date I’m going to have to turn into Jessica Fletcher. (I’m old, your nanna will get that reference!) 

Is this really what’s it’s come to? Having to check out people’s social media just to see if they’re normal? And what happens if they post something slightly off? I judge them on this and don’t reply? 

I’m trying to think of the main things that would put me off someone just judging by their Facebook. Probably endless selfies, food pics and attention seeking but not really saying anything posts. ‘I’m so upset today’ gets three likes and someone asking them if they’re OK and they reply ‘dm me babe’

I got X to scroll through my Twitter and tell me what he would learn from me about it. I probably come across as a self centered twat, but isn’t that what twitters all about? Having a conversation about yourself hoping someone will join in?. He said I come across ok mainly because I just whore out this blog on there! 

It’s so risky though. I don’t want to be 6 years deep into someone’s  Facebook and then accidentally like a picture of them with their ex girlfriend, how utterly cringy would that be? 

The thing is Facebook makes me hate my actual friends sometimes so online datey dudes don’t even have a chance! 

I guess the only thing stalking someone is good for is looking at photos not profile pictures but the ones that they have been tagged in the quickest way ever to watch someone go from Beyoncé to Honey Boo Boo! 

I’m hoping that the recent crazies are a one off so I’m not going to have to turn into Sherlock. 

Also I’ve mentioned Jessica Fletcher once and have now got the Murder she wrote theme tune stuck In my head. Bollocks. 


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