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Another day, another dick. 

So I’ve just reached a new record…two unwanted dick pics in two days! Go me 😳

I thought Mr Reusable was bad but the reason I got off this other guy was even more pathetic ‘my mate hacked my laptop and sent it’ oh for fuck sake seriously….SERIOUSLY?! 

Been talking to (can’t even be bothered to think of a witty name for him so I ll just use his actual initial) D for a few days, not my type at all looks wise, thought I’d try something different than a hot musician, not really my type body wise either…muscles…ick….wait a minute why did I even bother to reply to this guy? Erm…anyway….been chatting, not about anything super sexual just a little bit of flirting and then tonight BAM dick pic! Clearly I was like WTF as it literally came out of the blue and he was all like my roomie hacked me and sent you it! Pull the other one matey you could tell I didn’t like it and then came up with what I can only describe as THE LAMEST EXCUSE EVER to get your self out of this pickle! 

As for the picture itself..erm really weird angle and really hairy balls! Next time send me I mean tell your…ahem…mate to send me a better picture please not one where it looks like I’d have to get out my pruning shears…or you know buy some pruning shears before I gave you the good stuff. 

Let’s see what tomorrow brings and I really hope it doesn’t bring more dick. 


6 thoughts on “Another day, another dick. 

      1. The guy who this blog was about has threatened to sue me for it…don’t get testy (pun intended!) poppet! He also failed to tell me he has an ex wife and possibly kids (when I asked him about that!) Hairy balls are the least of his problems


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