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(Man sized) Tissues and issues. 

I’m not sure how to approach this subject sensitively. But is every man out there smacked off his tits on anti depressants or what? Seriously over half the people I’ve chatted to have had depression and seem to lead the initial conversations with this…I’m sorry but this isn’t ok! I didn’t order a depresso. I came on tinder to get laid not to listen about the time you started cutting. I know you’re all going to think I’m a massive bitch for writing this but initial messages are meant to be sexy and fun and not include whether or not he’s taken his Prozac. 

I’m fucked up, we re all fucked up but I like to think I don’t project that fucked upness on strangers that I meet online. I’m not a free therapist. I want to have sex with you on the couch not listen to you drone on for an hour on there! 

We all have issues, we’ve all dealt with shit but please man up and  dial down the crazy until I’ve actually met you and stop making me feel depressed because you are, and FYI  you ll probably need those anti depressants for after I’ve dated you…you know, because I’m a massive heartbreaker and all. 


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