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Forget me not. 

Something embarrassing just happened…

So I matched some dude on Tinder, he’s hot and a guitarist (just my type right?!) exchange a few messages and then he sends me a YouTube link to some of his music, I click on the link and realised I’ve watched this video before! 

Does this mean I’ve been through all the dick online dating that I’ve started to forget who I’ve spoken to? I guess collectively across the sites I’ve probably spoken to over a 1,000 people but still this is kind of ridiculous even by my standards (or lack of them!) 

This dude does seem cute and not just because he plays the guitar…ok maybe a teensy bit because he plays the guitar but obviously there was a reason I stopped talking to him in the first place? 

I’m just going to with the fact it’s probably Alzheimer’s…yep I’m a 31 year old woman with Alzheimer’s. 


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