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Open relationships, closed mind. 

Another day another interesting conversation with my favourite old tinderfella…are open relationships ok? 

He was telling me that he had been on a date with a girl and she had said that her husband had a teeny penis and it was ok for her to have casual sex with other people. Now I like to think I’m very open minded but this isn’t ok! I personally think the term ‘open relationship’ is just a licence to cheat.

If you aren’t satisfied then move on, for me being married means you don’t fuck about any more and if you want to fuck about don’t be married. I’m not sure how people do it knowing that their partner is being intimate with someone else. 

It did make me think though, isn’t having a fuck buddy kind of the same thing to a lesser degree? There is no label on it but you still act like you’re together, you argue and fuck like a couple but you are  free to sleep with other people? I guess the only difference is being married to me means being committed and staying committed to one person. Having a fuck buddy to me means if you aren’t willing to label it I’m willing to look for penis elsewhere. 

Going back to that woman, just help your husband out! instead of leaving home to wank with his tooth pick buy him one of those penis enlargers. Or wait a minute maybe you should look at yourself? Maybe it’s not his dick that’s too small? Maybe your penis fly trap is just massive after all that casual sex?! 


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