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V day, D day. 

So Valentine’s Day is fast approaching….the singletons favourite day of the year! (Or you know the time of the year that makes us die a little bit inside)

Whilst I sit here and write out my card to my very unconventional Valentine X, it makes me realise that valentines come in all different forms, Did I ever imagine that I would find him a card so perfect for him I would have to buy it? Nope. Did I ever even I imagine that I would be sitting here writing out a card to him? Nope. But that doesn’t change the fact that we love each other, are best friends, get each other, have shit loads of fun, and make each other come….so that still counts as a legitimate Valentine. right? 

So ladies just because your knight in shining armour might not pull up on his horse come the 14th I bet that you have someone in your life that is actually worth way more than all that hearts and flowers bullshit. For me it’s my best friend, my Soul ‘mate’. 

…..and if you don’t, don’t get upset about V day, it’s just one day, they’ve invented these things called vibrators…be your own Valentine! 


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