Perfect imperfections

I’ve just been having a conversation with X and I realised how picky I am…this is me describing Ryan Gosling …..(insert all of the embarrassed monkey emojis, I deserve them!) 


Why is it that we are always striving for someone better? I’ve touched on this before but this is why Tinder is so addictive, it’s always like the next guy is going to be hotter/ have a better beard/ be a musician/ have tattoos…and then you end up with thumb ache from all that swiping left and still no date! 

Why can’t we just be happy with who we already have infront of us? I’ve ended things with people before over the silliest reasons and have this image in my head of what’s perfect and what it should be like but I’ve got to start realising that no one is ever going to live up to my expectations! Do beards and tattoos really matter? Nope. I’ve got to stop being so shallow. Maybe the person for me will be the average guy who makes me laugh and understands me, even though he’s not Tom Hardy with a 12inch cocktapus? 

Also Ryan if you’re reading this poppet….I still would…for that jacket you wore in Drive alone! 


6 thoughts on “Perfect imperfections

  1. Good for you. Want my advice? Go for humour indeed and a certain spark. If you can laugh with someone it is a great foundation for coping with the challenges of life. Good luck!


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