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A helping hand….

So it’s 3am and I’ve just been having a very interesting conversation with a tinderfella…is it ok to tell someone when they are going wrong during sex and do men or women take it better when you do tell them? 

So the tinderfella was telling me that he was just on the receiving end of a bad blow job, to be honest it sounded like he had a cheese grater go down on him yet he didn’t tell her that she was going wrong? Nah mate you have to tell them! Sex is all about satisfaction if it hurts (and you didn’t ask for it!) where’s the fun in that? 

Personally I just say ‘press harder’ or ‘bite harder’ (it’s always harder with me….let’s not pull at that thread!) or just subtlety nudge them in the right direction or place my hand over theirs and guide them. It’s all about the way you say it and and how you react to things, I’m pretty vocal so you have to be a bit stupid if you don’t carry on doing what you’re doing when I’m telling you I like it. 

In regards to men taking advice more than woman it’s a toughie! Obviously I’ve never had to tell a lady to pull my hair harder but I know some men can’t handle it, I’ve mentioned Gingerballs and the time he thought it was ok to fingerblast my bladder, it was the one time I kept my mouth shut (even though I shouldn’t have!) as I knew he had a big ego and wouldn’t be able to take it! I could also tell he thought he was doing a really good job so didn’t have the heart to tell him, he may gave gotten the hint when I denied him a ticket to the magical kingdom after that though, I’m sorry but nobody is allowed to fumble their way in! Entry is on a strict basis, free passes are given out once you’ve passed the forplay section. 

Telling someone where they are going wrong is actually for their own good as well as yours. I like to think I put 100% into sex, why half ass it? So if I’m giving you the blow job of your life then I expect the same amount of effort back and if that includes me telling you or guiding you up the right path (so to speak) then so be it. 

To be honest though I’m 31, if you’re not good at sex at my age even after a little guidance then you’re probably a lost cause. I want someone to get me off not put me off! 


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