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Never judge a face by its profile picture. 

So Appageddon is still going strong…5 days in the sweats and shakes have gone and I’m no longer jonesing for my next swipe. 

I can’t seem to fully escape POF though as today I served (I’m a sales assistant) someone who hit me up on there, he didn’t recognise me (tbf i look like shit today, hungover A F!) but I recognised him. He sent me a message on there and his face didn’t do it for me so I never replied. I think I kinda fucked up though because in real life he was actually kinda hot, this got me to thinking that maybe I’m too picky? I literally don’t give guys more than a split second when I’m swiping them and yes a lot of the no’s that I give are for very shallow reasons…nose too big, hair too bouffy, eyes too rapey. Maybe I should take to actually read their profile and not base everything on looks? I know men are swiping against me (or for me) for the very same reasons though, it’s just very very shallow. I think March will be very intresting when I return with my new outlook. 

So how is the rest of dry February going I hear you ask? Well it’s the 5th and it hasn’t exactly been the Sahara….enter X and his magic hands and mouth and penis…I don’t know why but I can’t stay away from the artful throbber…he must have given it a coat of magnetic paint or something because it’s like I’m drawn to it! And then he does other things to me…….yeah…..erm… it hot in here all of a sudden? 

So to sum up dry febuary has actually been wet and some guys just take awful pictures…here’s a hint fellas… Instagram,  x pro ll…thank me later! 


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