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Boomerang boys. 

*BREAKING NEWS* in the wierd world of online dating tonight….

The Comeback kid…the guy that stops messaging you for no reason then hits you back up after months of not talking…what is up with that shit? Seriously? We all know that you were obviously taking to more than one person, you found them to be more intresting or whatever and now  they have sacked you off so you come crawling back, sorry not intrested mate…is exactly what I replied to the dude who did that to me tonight! We’re not stupid, boys! We know exactly what you are doing.

Now I’m guilty of not replying or going quiet on someone, I very rarely only talk to one person so sometimes there is a front runner and I focus more on them and others get left to the wayside but I’ve never hit up an old contact when I’ve been bored/lonely/horny it’s just desperate! If you’re bored, watch a movie, if you’re lonely, go out with some friends, if you’re horny have a wank, whatever you do, do not hit up old contacts who have long since forgotten who you are! 

This has happened to me at least three times now and whilst I don’t name and shame on here (well sometimes I don’t) all those men have links to this blog so you know exactly who you are….in future poppets, delete don’t repeat. 


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