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Old Vs Young

So yes I’m getting on a bit….31…eek don’t remind me! I’ve always tended to go for guys my own age but recently I’ve steered towards younger guys, before you all shout COUGAR I’m not one, I’m talking like aged 25 here, I just want someone that is silly and fun which you get with younger guys, a lot of my friends are younger and male and they are a hoot to hang out with! Also I’ve got to mention the fact that young guys have a high sex drive and mine has always been crazy so raaaaawwwwwrrrrr! ( ok that was a little bit cougary!) 

The oldest person I’ve chatted to online and considered dating was the 47 year old Billy Bob Thornton lookalike, he was a total DILF and a silver fox but I don’t think he ever got my silly humour, one time he messaged me saying he spent the weekend clearing out his shed…now here’s me waiting for the innuendo and the punchline and it never came, so neither did I after that message!  

Going out with someone older does work though, my sister is happily married to someone 14 years her senior and they have been together 13 years and have two beautiful children so I’m not ruling it out completely. 

To be honest at this point I’m taking all offers! I’ve got 4 days left until I delete all my dating apps for a month and yeah I’m chatting to some OK fellas, none are grabbing my interest which means they won’t be grabbing my butt anytime soon! 


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