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Size matters 

Listen up boys…Girls that say size doesn’t matter are liars! We don’t want to be vegan when veinious maximus is on offer! 

Now I’ve experienced many a different size penis, from a tic tac to a zipper ripper and I’ve got to say for me it’s all about the girth…(by the way girth is my least favourite word on the planet ever!) I want to feel you and I want to be filled. I don’t want it to be like the little bit of spaghetti that gets left stuck to the pan when you strain the rest. 

Recently I’ve had the incredible bulk and something that was smaller and thicker and yes it got the job done….as I said before…Girth. (Actually I really need to stop saying girth! I’m going to have a cringe coma!) 

Length is also a bonus, but for me personally I’d take stumpy and girthy (they sound like dirty seven dwarfs!) over longy and thinny! 

So to all you boys out there who haven’t been blessed with a hymen hammer…I hope you’re really good with your tongue! 


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