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Talk dirty to me….

Talking to shit loads of different guys last year and a fair few this year (I’m a whatsapp whore!) I’ve found out there’s nothing quite as sexy as a bit of good old fashioned dirty talk! 

Before actually committing to a date I like to have some whatsapp fun for a few weeks first to see what they are really like and inevitably it gets round to sex talk. I’d like to take a minute here to praise the inventor of whatsapp voice messaging! Some peeps don’t want to go straight in with a phone call, fair enough I’m abit shit on the phone myself first of all so the whatsapp thing is a really good alternative.

Accents get me as well, I’ve had Canadian, all areas of London, up north, down south, Welsh, Scottish and Irish…fuck I really am a whatsapp whore! And each one of them give me a little tingle….even the brummie one….’Taaaaaaaarrrrnnnnyyyaaaa iiiiiiii waaaaaaaannnnnnnaaaaa fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk yooooooouuuuu’

Apparently I have a sex phone line operator voice so I’ve been told by more than one guy…well you’ve got to ham it up and give them a little something something right, I’ve spoken on here about charging for it before, seriously need to consider looking into that. 

Swearing gets me going as well,  call me a cunt and I’m anyone’s! It just feels so naughty and hot….so wait a minute I like london accents and swearing? After a year of searching it’s finally clear to me….I’m looking for Danny Dyer! 


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