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The small things matter…

I’ve learnt quite abit about myself doing online dating (mainly I’m a sucker for beards and musicians!) but also that I’m a full on nazi spelling wanker! 

I’m not sure why it annoys me so much when dudes don’t know their yours from their you’res I mean I’m not particularly anal (eek…anal!) in real life but I’ve found myself not replying to guys who aren’t so much with the spelling! Some of it is atrocious though, I can’t be dealing with text speak, I’m almost 31 (I also can’t be dealing with almost being 31 but that’s another blog for another day!) I’ve even taken to winding some of the guys up about it, my favourite ever reply being ‘I can defiantly spell…’ Oh poppet you’ve definitely just blown your chance of ever getting blown! 

I’ve recently been speaking to a new levels of hot Irish guy, his accent kills me but so does his spelling! Now I will be willing to put some of it down to auto correct, I mean that bitch has killed all of our vibes before….hands up if you’ve ever asked a hot guy to go fisting instead of fishing?….oh just me then! But I can’t deal when he calls me a ‘divil’ it kills my lady boner and totally ruins the moment during a sext session.

I think I know what it is, if men can’t find the right letters to spell the word clitoris then maybe they will have trouble finding it as well? Ain’t nobody got time for that! 


One thought on “The small things matter…

  1. I can’t stand the guys with a bunch of spelling errors, the ones who don’t use punctuation, the ones who can’t even be bothered to spell out the word “you” (geez, how much effort are you going to put into a relationship, guy?), and the ones who tell me “hit me up.” Seriously, if you’re close to 50, “hit me up” is not an appropriate phrase to be using to a potential date. Just saying. So, yeah, I get it.

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