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Listen up….

Men of this world take note…messages like this are not ok  

Just because a lady likes sex it does not make her a prostitute with possible HIV! And this cretin wonders why he’s never gotten laid! Whilst I’m here here’s a few more tips for you fellas….

#1 If a lady does not reply DO NOT keep hitting her up! She’s just not into you, move on! 

#2 never send an opener with ‘I want you to suck my dick/ I want to lick your pussy…when has that ever worked? Would you go up to a lady in a bar and say that? No. So don’t say it online! 

#3 stop bragging about your penis! You may be packing a Ron Jeremy down there but save it for the live show…I must have recieved at least 2000 dick pics in my time and it doesn’t look good in picture form…ever! 

#4 write something stupid and it will end up screen shotted, tweeted, FBed, blogged and sent to 10 closest friends. 

So fellow online dates of this world please start being normal…come on it can’t be that hard…and no that’s not an invitation to send me a dick pic! 


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