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Let it goooooo, let it goooo….you’re clearly mental and no one is ever going to date you anyway!!

Sorry for the title, if you sing it in the frozen voice it totally works. Kind of. 

So today I came across the horrible side of online dating in the form of Ricky. This guy messaged me ages ago it was clearly a copy and paste send to everyone jobbie so I jokingly called him out on it. He kept messaging me and I wasn’t interested so I had to block him, a few weeks later he set up a Twitter account, I mistakenly followed him back and he kept direct messaging me so once again he was blocked, today he messages me again, I’m assuming he has created another account and says I threw a strop because he rejected me and I offered to sleep with him….erm none of that actually happened, #1 he isn’t my type so would never offer that (wouldn’t offer it if he was!) and #2 one does not throw strops over pof randomers!  

Seriously who is this guy? Creating other accounts and continuing to message me? And also searching me out and following me on Twitter? Shall I expect to see him all up in my bushes next….?  What an absolute freakazoid! 

So Ricky if you’re reading this poppet and I suspect you are, I obviously made a huge mistake when I blocked you and you are clearly a down to earth normal individual….oh wait a minute…



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