Dating, love, heartbreak, online dating

I’m back. 

So I had to end things with Kermie, it’s the last thing I wanted but sometimes you meet someone at a completely wrong time in their life and it makes them into a completely different person to the one you fell for. Got to say it hurts like hell but I guess I have to move on so I’ve gone back to doing exactly what I did before and have delved back into the world of online dating. I’m not really speaking to anyone at the moment don’t think my broken heart is really in it and the messages I’ve had so far….well one confessed to wearing adult nappies (chill your boots, pampers!) and the other wanted me to use him as a toilet….erm hello new husbands! 

Man it feels so good to be back, you know if they’ve changed the meaning of the word good to utterly soul destroying. 


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