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Ghosts of POF past….

So recently I’ve bumped into two guys who I was chatting to from plenty of fish…. Pretty random considering I never met either of them and just recognised them from pictures they sent me 

Firstly there was Phil or as I like to call him ‘strap on guy ‘ (his fantasy was for me to fuck him with a strap on whilst he watched in the mirror!) I walked past him in Watford and recognised his super dry hoodie (the thing was bright purple and hideous and ironically made me feel super dry) this was the guy who dick pic-ed me went really quiet and then I found out he had a girlfriend who he was with when I saw him, took everything in my power not to go up to her and say ‘your man hits on women on dating sites and how’s his ass from all the strap on fun?’ 

Next was NBG I clocked him walking to my sisters house, we live in the same town so I’m surprised we haven’t bumped into each other sooner, he wasn’t a weirdo like Phil it just never really happened for us and he was the first guy who I ever spent any length of time talking to. 

And then there’s the guys who re hit me up on whatsapp, Bruce- too old for me but looked like Billy Bob Thornton (yes this matters BBT is a silver fox!) asks if I’m seeing any one then tells me he’s in a friends with benefits situation….erm thanks Billy I can sleep at night now knowing that and Dave, a sweetheart who I would have eaten alive telling me it’s a shame we never met as he’s off travelling…Bon Voyage buddy! 

You would have thought after over a month of me not texting these guys that it probably isn’t going to happen? Once again I don’t think I will ever understand men online! 

I guess it’s that whole thing of when you’re looking for someone to chat to no one piques your interest but when you already have someone that’s doing that all of the worms come out of the woodwork…sorry I’m not referring to these guys as worms…..actually wait a minute I just remembered Phils dick pic….


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