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So let me tell you about RJ he’s a musician with a man bun which is usually unforgivable but he’s a musician so let’s move on….

I’m not sure I will ever meet up with him as he’s a little bit…erm odd! He actually said the sentence ‘I’m not gay I just like dick’….yeah that’s a little bit gay mate! 

We literally just have casual sext…yes he’s my virtual whatsapp mastur-mate! It started off as sexy and fun but now man bun keeps asking me random questions about dick like how many I’ve seen (a few!) how big are they (oh my does that vary!) and how much they ejaculate, (see previous brackets) he also keeps asking me to invite other guys I’m talking to to join in on our sext sessions now I’m very open minded when it comes to sex but I’m getting the feeling that he’s into dick more than he’s into me and I can’t compete with a penis so I think I might mention Grindr to him.

In other less penis related news I went on date #5 last week actually we had three dates but the less said about them the better I would however like to find the person that said opposites attract and write them a very strong email because you know what? They lied! 


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