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8 months later…..

sooooo internet men are weird…like really really weird! 

I spoke about photographer Sam in a previous blog ages ago, and to be honest I hadn’t thought about him since last night when I re read all my own posts as I posted a new one then out of the blue last night he texts me it’s like he knew I read his name! 

Let me explain…Sam and I were texting for quite a while until around Xmas time when suddenly he just didn’t reply he told me last night it was because I pushed him to be not so shy and that scared him and that he saw my name in his whatsapp list and felt he owed me an apology…erm wtf?! This is like 8 months too late! 

Now I’m not one to let it go (sorry elsa!) so I admit I may have busted his balls about it last night and said a lot of ‘wtfs’ and ‘you’re a massive weirdo!’ But all he kept saying was he felt he owed me an apology. 

Now I may be cynical…actually no I just think I’ve been on tinder too long I have a theory what happened I reckon he was texting some other girl and chose her (or could have already had a girlfriend, I don’t put anything past online daters!) and now that’s ended he’s probably got drunk and was randomly hitting up old contacts. To be honest it has made me feel strange because i did use to like the guy but I’m nobody’s second choice! 

We ll see what happens and if he texts me today…I’m not going to hold my breath though I think I may die if I do that as apparently he’s not much with the replying! 


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