Dating, love, romance

Mr not so funny….

so last night I had Internet date #4….or should that be number bore! 

So Andy….funny as anything on whatsapp, cute and hot in pictures but in real life…nothing! I’ve never really been on a date and 5 minutes in realise that I didn’t fancy him one bit, he said he did stand up in real life and he did crack a few funny jokes but other than that he was just meh I literally had to speak at him the entire night which is never fun! 

End of the date is uber cringe anyway but I didn’t even make eye contact and lept out of his car with a very quick ‘goodbye’ 

Sorry Andy but if you go on any more dates at least try and make conversation or don’t call yourself a stand up comedian when all you made me want to do is stand up and get the fuck out of there! 


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